Do Squirrels Eat Nyjer Seed

Do Squirrels Eat Nyjer Seed? Discover the Surprising Truth!

  Squirrels do eat nyjer seed. Nyjer seed is not safe from squirrels. When it comes to feeding birds, it’s important to know what types of seeds are preferred by certain animals. One seed that is commonly used in bird feeders is nyjer seed. However, if you’re hoping to attract birds while keeping squirrels at…


Squirrels do eat nyjer seed. Nyjer seed is not safe from squirrels.

When it comes to feeding birds, it’s important to know what types of seeds are preferred by certain animals. One seed that is commonly used in bird feeders is nyjer seed. However, if you’re hoping to attract birds while keeping squirrels at bay, you may be disappointed.

Squirrels are known to be relentless when it comes to finding food, and they have no problem devouring nyjer seed. Despite its small size, squirrels have no trouble accessing and consuming this type of seed. If you’re looking to discourage squirrels from raiding your bird feeders, you may need to consider alternative feeding strategies or invest in squirrel-proof feeders.

Are Squirrels Attracted To Nyjer Seed?

Squirrels are attracted to nyjer seed, making it a challenge to keep them away from bird feeders. However, there are no seeds that squirrels won’t eat, so it’s important to take preventative measures to avoid their interference.

Squirrels And Their Feeding Habits:

  • Squirrels are known to be opportunistic feeders, consuming a wide variety of food sources.
  • Their diet mainly consists of nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.
  • They are equipped with sharp incisor teeth that allow them to crack open shells and access the nutritious contents inside.
  • Squirrels are known for their ability to hoard food, storing it for future consumption.
  • They are active foragers and can often be seen scurrying around in search of food.

Popular Bird Seeds And Squirrel Preference:

  • When it comes to bird feeders, squirrels are notorious for raiding them and stealing the bird’s food.
  • Many bird enthusiasts have tried various strategies to deter squirrels from accessing the bird feeders, including using squirrel-proof feeders or changing the type of bird seed used.
  • However, squirrels have a preference for certain types of bird seeds, including sunflower seeds, corn, and peanuts.
  • These seeds are high in fat and protein, making them an attractive food source for squirrels.
  • Unfortunately, this means that squirrels may target the bird feeders containing these seeds, potentially deterring birds from accessing their intended food source.

The Allure Of Nyjer Seed:

  • Nyjer seed, also known as thistle seed, is a popular choice among bird enthusiasts for attracting finches, sparrows, and other small songbirds.
  • Nyjer seed is small and lightweight, making it ideal for finches with delicate beaks.
  • The high oil content of nyjer seed provides birds with a rich source of energy, especially during the colder months.
  • However, squirrels are generally not attracted to nyjer seed. Here’s why:
  • Nyjer seed is difficult for squirrels to access due to its small size.
  • Squirrels prefer larger seeds that are easier to crack open, such as sunflower seeds.
  • The oil in Nyjer seed makes it less appealing to squirrels, as they are more attracted to fatty and protein-rich seeds.
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While squirrels have a diverse diet and are known for their ability to raid bird feeders, they are generally not attracted to nyjer seed. By offering nyjer seed in your bird feeders, you can attract a variety of small songbirds without the worry of squirrels depleting your bird food supply.

Do Squirrels Consume Nyjer Seed?

Squirrels do not typically consume nyjer seed, making it a great option for bird feeders. This seed is a favorite among small songbirds like finches and sparrows.

Investigating Squirrel Behavior With Nyjer Seed:

  • Squirrels are notorious for their ability to access bird feeders and consume the seeds meant for birds.
  • However, their behavior towards nyjer seed, also known as thistle seed, is different.
  • Nyjer seed is popular among bird enthusiasts for attracting finches and other small seed-eating birds.
  • But do squirrels have any interest in consuming Nyjer seed? Let’s find out!

Squirrels’ Ability To Access Nyjer Seed:

  • Squirrels are agile creatures with the ability to jump, climb, and even hang upside down.
  • They can easily reach bird feeders and overcome various obstacles to access the seeds inside.
  • However, nyjer seed poses a challenge for squirrels due to its size and shape.
  • The small and thin nature of nyjer seed makes it difficult for squirrels to grasp and handle effectively.

Examining Squirrel Interest In Nyjer Seed:

  • Squirrels are primarily attracted to high-calorie foods such as nuts and seeds.
  • Nyjer seed, on the other hand, has a relatively low-fat content and is not as appealing to squirrels.
  • While squirrels might attempt to access nyjer seed, their interest is usually short-lived.
  • The difficulty in handling nyjer seed, coupled with its nutritional value, often discourages squirrels from consuming it.
  • This makes Nyjer seed a popular choice for bird feeders, as it effectively deters squirrels and attracts desirable bird species.

While squirrels are known for their resourcefulness in accessing bird feeders, their interest in nyjer seed is generally minimal. The small size and low-fat content of Nyjer seed make it unappealing and challenging for squirrels to consume. Therefore, nyjer seed is an excellent choice for bird enthusiasts who wish to attract specific bird species while keeping squirrels at bay.

Strategies To Prevent Squirrels From Eating Nyjer Seed

Prevent squirrels from eating nyjer seed with effective strategies. Keep feeders away from trees or use squirrel-proof feeders, add cayenne pepper to the seed, and provide a separate feeder with squirrel-friendly food to keep them away from the nyjer seed.

Nyjer seed is a favorite among many bird species, but unfortunately, squirrels also have a taste for it. If you’re tired of squirrels raiding your bird feeders and gobbling up all the Nyjer seed, don’t fret! There are several strategies you can employ to keep those sneaky squirrels at bay and ensure the seed is reserved for our feathered friends.

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Here are some effective methods to prevent squirrels from accessing nyjer seed:

Understanding Squirrel-Proof Feeder Designs:

  • Choose feeders specifically designed to deter squirrels: Look for feeders with mechanisms such as weight-sensitive perches or cages that only allow small birds to access the seed.
  • Opt for feeders with adjustable perches: These feeders allow you to set the perches at a length that makes it difficult for squirrels to reach the seed.
  • Consider disc-style feeders: These feeders spin when a squirrel tries to climb on them, effectively tossing them off and preventing access to the nyjer seed.
  • Use baffles or domes: Placing a baffle or dome above or below the feeder can make it challenging for squirrels to reach the seed.

Methods To Deter Squirrels From Accessing Nyjer Seed:

  • Install squirrel baffles: These cone-shaped devices can be mounted above or below the feeder to block squirrels from reaching it.
  • Apply squirrel repellents: Use squirrel repellent sprays or powders on and around the feeder to keep squirrels away. Look for natural solutions that won’t harm birds or the environment.
  • Create a squirrel-proof zone: Place the feeder away from trees, fences, or any other structures that squirrels can use to access it. A clear space of at least 10 feet around the feeder can deter squirrels.

Alternative Feeding Options For Squirrels:

  • Provide squirrel-specific feeders: Set up separate feeders stocked with peanuts or corn to attract squirrels away from the bird feeders.
  • Offer diversionary food sources: Plant squirrel-friendly vegetation, such as sunflowers or corn, to provide squirrels with an alternative food source. This can help redirect their attention away from your bird feeders.
  • Use squirrel feeding stations: Install squirrel-specific feeding stations away from the bird feeders, equipped with food options that squirrels find more appealing.

By implementing these strategies, you can create a squirrel-free environment around your Nyjer seed-filled feeders and ensure that your feathered friends get the nourishment they need. Happy bird watching!

Frequently Asked Questions On Do Squirrels Eat Nyjer Seed

Is There Any Bird Seed That Squirrels Won’t Eat?

Won’t eat Nyjer (thistle) seed.

Do Squirrels Eat Thistle Bird Seed?

Yes, squirrels do eat thistle bird seed.

Who Eats Nyjer Seed?

Nyjer seed is primarily eaten by finches and other small songbirds.

What Is A Good Bird Seed That Squirrels Don’t Like?

Squirrels don’t like nyjer seed or safflower seed. These bird seeds are a good option to keep squirrels away from your feeders.


S other types of seeds), and Nyjer seed is no exception. While many birds, such as finches and pine siskins, are attracted to nyjer seed, squirrels are also quite fond of it. They have no trouble accessing Nyjer seed feeders and will happily devour the contents, leaving little for the intended feathered visitors.

If you’re looking to specifically attract birds and deter squirrels, it’s important to take measures to keep them away from your nyjer seed feeders. Some strategies include using squirrel-proof feeders, adding baffles or cages, or placing the feeders in squirrel-inaccessible locations.

By implementing these methods, you can increase the chances of Nyjer seed being consumed by the birds you want to attract. While squirrels may eat nyjer seed, there are ways to minimize their access and allow the desired bird species to enjoy this particular seed.

With proper squirrel-proofing techniques, you can create an inviting environment for your feathered friends while keeping the squirrels at bay.


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